A civilization long gone, a comet heading for Earth, a multiverse of heroes and villains. This is the story of Shranks.

Birth of the Multiverse


65 million years ago a comet hit the Earth. This comet was fueled with all the positive energy of the universe.

The force of the comet’s strike caused the Earth to shift at a different frequency then it normally would.

This shift in frequency caused the universe to create more universes in order to keep Earth from being destroyed. Now there are parallel Earths shifting at different frequencies in what is called the multiverse.

The Lak’ech Ala K’in Tribe


A long lost tribe found the comet and had been using it in their ceremonies.

To avoid fueling the comet with negative energy they exiled tribe members that displayed any emotions that had a negative vibration to it.

After a battle with the exiled members the whole tribe vanished without a trace.

The Destruction of the Multiverse


A second comet has been activated, this time filled with the negative energy of the multiverse and a promise of destruction instead of creation. Using the negative energy, Shranks birthed a meteor to prepare his arrival in each multiverse.

If the comet is not stopped it will destroy the multiverse.


Welcome to Inner Warrior

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]”Escape then Return” is our motto at Inner Warrior.

We want the multiverse we’re creating to be one you can escape to, but we also want you to return to your own world better off for it.

Shranks: The Party Trading Card Game is the first product we’ve released under our new motto. It’s a game you can play with your friends and family and it’s a game you can get as competitive with as you’d like. It’s also a game that is easy to pick up and play yet, due to the variety of characters and strategies, difficult to master.

We want Shranks to be a game that empowers people to play in our world together so they can return to their own more confident, happier, and with a stronger bond.

As long as all of you support us then you can expect more great content to escape to. You can sign up to our newsletter using our form on this page to receive some of that great content for free. Some of that free content includes character introductions, cartoons, comics, and behind the scenes content of some other great content being made.

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Shranks Companion App

Shranks? Yes, there’s an app for that!


Try out the new Shranks Companion App to keep track of your card’s status and health. This way you’ll always remember whether your character has a reroute or is stunned. And it makes keeping track of your character’s life much easier when all you have to do is hit up or down to subtract health.


The app also includes a section to track which characters you have or want. When you click on a character you will also be able to read about their backstory and learn some more about them!


You can find out more about the app and download it here:

Shranks Tracker App