Tony from SMPR – First Day of Class

Alright, me! It’s day one of class. Day one…sounds so nice. It’s a new beginning with new goals. And I’m going to be one heck of a comedy doctor. I’m gonna comedy doctor so hard they’ll be laughing all the way to the blood bank! But boy oh boy, I hope I’m not in over my head with this. Studying comedy medicine is SO different from my last career, it’s gonna be a rough adjustment! Look at me…saving lives in such different ways. From busting perps on the streets with my obnoxious partner Blair to treating the sick after only these 4 years of comedy medical school…plus at least 3 more years for a residency…and up to 4 more years for a fellowship. But from there on I’m living the dream! Wait who is that up ahead? That young woman-squirrel looks just like my ex-partner Blair! Don’t tell me she’s attending MMUCMS too!? She needs to stay out of my life! Sheesh!

But anyway, It’s the education that sounds so exciting though! That means I’ll be meeting new people, hopefully making some new friends, and making the goofiest videos and skits imaginable. And my imagination goes pretty far…because I’ve seen some craaazy stuff, man.

Oh wow look at all the nervous faces! Should I be nervous? Nah, it’s too nice of a day to worry. Wow I totally forgot my roommate Matt is walking right next to me. He’s been talking to me this entire time I’ve been having this inner monologue. Uh oh, he stopped talking. Now he’s looking at me. He must want me to say or do something. I’ll just nod my head…Oh good, he’s talking again.