Team Up Cards Tips

AH! So you want to know about Team Up Cards huh? That must mean you have some! They are rare you know? Can you show me who you have? I want to pull some data…. For SCIENCE! I totally don’t want to steal your cards.


Oh. You must be wondering who that is, this is my trust Bird and sidekick, Eggstro! He has some good attacks and is fairly strong. But being his father, pretty much, he’s always much happier when I’m around. In fact, he’s also much stronger when I’m around. We have that kind of bond… you wouldn’t understand… But I’ll try to explain anyway.

Eggstro is a fairly normal chicken. He usually does low level attacks to his enemies. But when I’m around the effect almost triples. Basically, without me, he’s a stupid useless bird.


Okay, maybe not useless. But what I’m trying to say is that some of us are just stronger around one another. Let’s take Frank and Rodney, that’s the human with the zebra brother. Don’t ask. Anyway Frank is such a buffoon he’s usually hitting his own friends. But he’s much more competent with Rodney around. His range and damage increases when next to his brother. Isn’t that neat?

Certain team ups can only occur when the two of them are right next to each other. If one of them is standing back, the team will have no effect. Isn’t that crazy? It’s pretty cool seeing friends and family from the same universe coming together and busting some heads. But that’s not where the true fun is.

The true fun is in seeing what happens when two characters from different universes come together. When this happens some crazy things can happen. The pair is always found together! They even start to look different from the way they normally do. I guess some could break the fourth wall and consider it “Changing art styles”. When you see two different characters from two different universes on one card? That means you have a very special card… that I totally want to steal…

These “Team Up Cards” are almost always significantly more powerful! Most of them see an increased power, an increased health, or a variety of attacks not normally seen together. Each of these will come with some sort of risk or reward. They can be significantly more powerful together, but die a lot easier. They could have significantly more health, but not be as strong. These cards are usually high risk, high reward, just how I like it!

If you want to take down that stupid meteor you’ll take a second look at which of us your using! And if you see that some of us can team up with each other, always take a second look… TRUST ME, I’M A SCIENTIST DOCTOR PHYSICIST WITH A PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE!