Matt Dubya from SMPR -First Day of Class

‘Tis be the dawn of comedy medical school. Schoolero numero uno. Heheh that sounds like that trivia guy on my phone. Y’know who, what’s his name… The one with the face…and the teeth! Heh, I can’t stand him.

This morning walk is far too pleasant. I mean, look up! Blue sky and clouds. Look down! Dirt and inedible worms. Where is the conflict? The danger? The –UH OH! FEMALES!!!

Nobody informed me there are girls at colleges! Oh but do I call them girls or women? Do I bow and let them pass or is that way too creepy? I’ll just act like a statue as they walk by.

I think that went well. Ok I take it all back! I like having no conflict! I just want to go to class, learn some good stuff, and go back to my dorm and watch anime. Nice and straightforward. Besides, I heard lots of comedy medicine involves using the KISS method – ‘keep it simple, stOOpid!’ That means I can’t overthink anything! Ever! I probably shouldn’t even think ever!

I feel so nervous now! How did I decide I wanted to be a Comedy Doctor again? I mean sure I like helping people through laughter, but who doesn’t? I remember during my interview here at MMUCMS I actually tickled the interviewer until they granted my acceptance. I figured they were laughing, so that meant I was funny! I stopped when they told me I was actually torturing them, but only after I got my acceptance letter signed and dated. Hah!

Ok self-assurance reobtained. Let’s do this!