Healing Cards

Anna! Look, it seems like these guys are really taking this stuff super seriously. That Alex guy said he wanted to get all of the “Smart” people to help them destroy this comet thing. Weird that he didn’t want to include me. Fine though! We just won’t help them then. You, Me, and Peter….


“Don’t count me in on this”


Oh, sorry Peter… Then it’s just you and me Anna! We’ll take down this thing with our own team. For them not to want you Anna, they must not know you’re a healer. Some people may be afraid to put a healer on their team, but in the middle of a battle they’re great to have.

At the start of a fight, I can see the problem. How can you heal anyone if you haven’t even taken a hit?! It just wouldn’t make sense. You need to have some kind of bruise to heal it. Even though Peter isn’t too interested…I think I’ll fight with him first, and keep you as a backup! That way when Peter is grasping onto dear life-




Shhhh I’m trying to talk to Anna… When Peter is almost dead, you can jump in and start throwing out some of your healing skills! You really wouldn’t be able to help him if he’s super close to death, but when he has a few more hits left in him, that’s when it would be best for you to heal him. Either that, or he dies and then you just heal me!

Although, there are some other cool people they have on their team. I heard some of their guys can “absorb” health from people. Kind of like a Vampire! If they have someone like that, it’s probably safe to say they’ll be using them a lot. But I’m happy we have you, because you can heal some of our strongest guys if you need to… while their Vampire people can only take the health for themselves.


Well Peter, I think it’s about time you stop fighting it! You, Anna, and I have a lot of to do if we’re going to prove ourselves to the others. We may look sillier than them, but we pack a powerful punch!