#10 – Spinning the Gold Ring

The PseudoAdults sit down and discuss the Titans trailer, James Gunn's firing, a non-spoiler discussion of Teen Titans Go to the Movies, spotlight Shranks universe 16 Bit, and chat about recent travel to locations such as San Francisco, Germany, Austria, and theme parks!
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#9 – Pseudo Songwriters Vol 1

Special treat this week! Kyle & Matt discuss their songwriting with the other PseudoAdults as we listen along to 7 of their songs! Learn how they began playing in a band together, started writing songs, and how they developed their songwriting over time.
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Matt Hat from SMPR- First day of School

Been a mystery, my life always has. Known my parents or if I ever had any siblings, I have not. Remember much of my childhood at all, nor do I. Fuzzy, the details are. The inner workings of the brain are fascinating and such a mystery, I have realized. I finally decided to enroll at MMUCMs at long last, that’s why. Fascinated with the brain, I continue to be. I hope to make countless breakthroughs in the field of neuro-comedy, in my future career. Finally unravel the mystery of my memory loss and my bizarre sentence-patterning, then I can. Wait, I cannot.

Remember the immortal words of the famous Dr. Ticklemeisterstein, I just need to.

“The best medicine, laughter is.”

#8 – Do You Still Regret It?

The PseudoAdults sit down and talk about the upcoming Sonic movie, Dragon Ball Super Broly movie, review & discuss Osomatsu-san S1E15-16, spotlight SHRANKS universe In Stocks, remember how they all met one another, and so much more!
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#7 – Tony in The Morning

SHRANKSGAME.COM/SHOP (t-shirts on sale). The PseudoAdults give a spoiler-filled review of Incredibles 2, review Osomatsu-san episodes 13 & 14, spotlight SHRANKS universe Starship Panther Battles, and go down memory lane about Kyle & Matt’s NSFW Günther fan songs.