#18 – Within the Shadows of Batman: Damned

The PseudoAdults discuss the latest DC & Marvel movie and comics news, with a special focus on some um recent Batman news. Alex raves about My Hero Academia and eagerly awaits the new movie. Tony still loves Voltron, Gianna and Matt get intense in Shranks Character Battles, and Kyle reviews Osomatsu S2 Episodes 5&7.

#17 – Pseudo Songwriters Vol 2

Kyle & Matt discuss 6 more of their songs (3 each) with the other PseudoAdults. They talk about the inspiration, thought process, technical aspects, lyrics, and instrumentation that go into their home-recorded music as they continue to develop as songwriters. Of course there’s still an Optimism Corner. Don’t you worry. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and follow at twitter.com/pseudoadults. Let me know your thoughts!

#16 – I Should Really Really Be Doing Something

The PseudoAdults chat about Marvel’s Spider-Man game, Jim Carrey’s new show Kidding, Kyle’s adoration for Futurama, and then are joined by absentees Rachel & Tony for an Optimism Corner and later for Round 2 of Shranks Character Battles. Matt and Kyle tell a story that isn’t for people that are either faint of heart, cringe easily, or are overly critical of the dumb way kids used to talk in the early 2000’s.

#15 – Shranks Character Battles Begin!

Wait for the boom in this episode! The PseudoAdults talk about Alec Baldwin as/not as Thomas Wayne, Mr. Robot, DBZA, Rachel’s Optimism Corner, review Osomatsu-san S2 Episodes 1 & 2, Shranks battle Eggspert vs. King Arthur, and hear about some of Tony’s bizarre NYPD stories!