#54 – Herps MaGee Remembers

The PseudoAdults talk about various topics ranging all the way from the Sony vs Marvel Spidey fiasco, D23 News, & DC animated shows. Kyle does his best to sell everyone on The Boys on Prime. We get cheesedutainment from the Optimism Corner and Gouda Facts. And last but least we wrap up the show with 2 really fun rounds of Shranks Character Battles!

#53 – Daddy Shranks and @GoudaFacts

The PseudoAdults discuss last weekend’s first ever Space Zambonie video game tournament, We hear delightful facts from the Optimism Corner and perhaps even better facts from Tracy Morgan’s Gouda Facts?!?! Oh and this shall forever be known as the episode where @goudafacts was born.

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#52 – We Waxed Matt

The PseudoAdults hit up a hodgepodge of topics and go where the wind takes them. Yes we did wax Matt. Tony and Rachel talk about their trip to Poughkeepsie, NY and no it is not considered upstate NY. Gianna and Kyle discuss the newest 3 episodes of Black Mirror (SPOILERS!). They each touch upon favorite tv shows we rarely if ever mentioned on this show to shed some light on their personalities. Finally the show wraps up with 2 delightful facts from the Optimism Corner.

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