#56 – Plops and Crying

The PseudoAdults hear Alex, Gianna, & Matt’s stories about STATTfest! They then dive into a number of topics like Titans S2E1. More of us have seen The Boys, and we talk about it without being spoilery. Tony & Rachel have finally watched Detective Pikachu so we finally get into it (DETECTIVE PIKACHU SPOILERS!) The show wraps up with 2 wonderful facts and an exciting round of Shranks Character Battle – and we need YOUR help to pick the winner!

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#55 – The Boys & All You Can Eat DC News!

The PseudoAdults are in awe of Alex, who has completed his RPG (Direct link below)! They also chat up multiple DC Comics-related news including but not limited to the Joker trailer, Titans, Bird of Prey, and the Lego DC: Batman – Family Matters. After Kyle gives his spoiler-free take on the first season of The Boys. Matt still loves Super Monsters. We hear lovely facts from both @OptimismCorner & @GoudaFacts

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#54 – Herps MaGee Remembers

The PseudoAdults talk about various topics ranging all the way from the Sony vs Marvel Spidey fiasco, D23 News, & DC animated shows. Kyle does his best to sell everyone on The Boys on Prime. We get cheesedutainment from the Optimism Corner and Gouda Facts. And last but least we wrap up the show with 2 really fun rounds of Shranks Character Battles!

Alex from SMPR – First Day of School

I FEEL SO UNPREPARED! My first class of comedy medical school starts in last than a half hour, and I’m not even close to ready! I better think of my excuses right away… Uhm, I overslept! My mom ate my alarm clock! I ran out of beans! Okay one of those should do. I’m feeling better now. I can finally concentrate on getting prepared.

I guess a good first step would be to get out of bed. There, I totally got up. My first victory of the day. Now to complete my usual morning routine in record time whilst letting my mind ponder…

This world is such a bizarre place. Newsanchor Bunny (the top-rated bunny news anchor) says that a record number of law enforcers are quitting their jobs and are switching to comedy medicine, which means I’ll probably have some former cops in my class. I wonder why though! Something about an evil genius scientist who –

I just realized I’ve been brushing my belly button instead of my teeth. Wow I know it’s not toothpaste’s intended use, but wow my naval never smelled so fresh! Anyways, some evil scientist apparently is gradually opening weird “interdimensional portals” around the world. Newsanchor Bunny (voted top bunny at this year’s News Anchor pageant) thinks it might be just the beginning before something insanely catastrophic happens. Interdimensional…? Maybe that explains Cerberus, the evil 3-headed dog that just moved in next door. I’m sure I’ll be careful not to lose things over that fence…

Tarnations! How did I end up back in bed! It’s just so flipflappin’ comfy here. Plus I’m not used to having such an annoying obligation. I don’t know if I really want to be a comedy doctor. I just feel like I need to be one because that’s what everyone told me growing up. They’re all like, “Blah blah handsome Alex. Comedy medicine is a quickly changing field and I know that you’re sure to shake things up with your handsome and unique brand of humor and catchphrases!” So I figure I should say to myself what I said to all of them: I’ll try harder than a waffle salesman on free flapjack day!


Matt Hat from SMPR- First day of School

Been a mystery, my life always has. Known my parents or if I ever had any siblings, I have not. Remember much of my childhood at all, nor do I. Fuzzy, the details are. The inner workings of the brain are fascinating and such a mystery, I have realized. I finally decided to enroll at MMUCMs at long last, that’s why. Fascinated with the brain, I continue to be. I hope to make countless breakthroughs in the field of neuro-comedy, in my future career. Finally unravel the mystery of my memory loss and my bizarre sentence-patterning, then I can. Wait, I cannot.

Remember the immortal words of the famous Dr. Ticklemeisterstein, I just need to.

“The best medicine, laughter is.”

Jennifer from SMPR – First Day of Class

Ok! I have my notebooks organized, I ate a protein-rich breakfast, and am feeling ready to take on the day! Eeee! I’m couldn’t be more excited! I’m attending my dream college, working toward my dream career, and I know it’s only been a couple days but I can definitely tell I have the most perfect roommate, Lucy! She and I get along so well. I remember just yesterday when we were organizing our dorm, she told me I could keep ALL my shiny decorations on my side! I tried to tell her I had enough for both of us, but she insisted I have twice as much for myself. Keep in mind I can’t really see them when they’re on my own wall beside me, but I see her  staring at them ALL THE TIME. She must love my decorations so much. I actually think I saw her looking at them last night and crying a little bit. On an unrelated note they glow in the dark.

Why do I want to be a comedy doctor, you ask? Well, person living inside my brain, I still remember when I was 4 years old. My poor grandpa was in so much pain. He decided to resume his pro wrestling career at the age of 92 to help pay the bills. He was writhing. The comedy doctor showed up, she made us all laugh, and about 2 weeks later my grandpa was given a clean bill of health and he still wrestles to this day! I think he’s facing off against a really buff moose this Sunday. That comedy doctor was such a terrific woman and made it look so easy. It really made me think that one day I can be funny too.

I just can’t stop talking about Lucy though. She and I are already best of friends. It’s really no coincidence either. She has no clue but I actually snuck into the Admissions department here a few months ago disguised as a computer wizard, and told them all to ABRA KA-GET OUT! I sat at their computer and meticulously sorted through every young woman accepted into MMUCMS until I realized that Lucy was the perfect match. She isn’t distracted by boys, she doesn’t have a current best friend (the slot is open for me!), and lastly and most importantly she has a peanut allergy too. That’s what I call magic. And it’s all thanks to me, the computer wizard and soon to be comedy doctor!

Eeee! Let’s get started!


Healing Cards

Anna! Look, it seems like these guys are really taking this stuff super seriously. That Alex guy said he wanted to get all of the “Smart” people to help them destroy this comet thing. Weird that he didn’t want to include me. Fine though! We just won’t help them then. You, Me, and Peter….


“Don’t count me in on this”


Oh, sorry Peter… Then it’s just you and me Anna! We’ll take down this thing with our own team. For them not to want you Anna, they must not know you’re a healer. Some people may be afraid to put a healer on their team, but in the middle of a battle they’re great to have.

At the start of a fight, I can see the problem. How can you heal anyone if you haven’t even taken a hit?! It just wouldn’t make sense. You need to have some kind of bruise to heal it. Even though Peter isn’t too interested…I think I’ll fight with him first, and keep you as a backup! That way when Peter is grasping onto dear life-




Shhhh I’m trying to talk to Anna… When Peter is almost dead, you can jump in and start throwing out some of your healing skills! You really wouldn’t be able to help him if he’s super close to death, but when he has a few more hits left in him, that’s when it would be best for you to heal him. Either that, or he dies and then you just heal me!

Although, there are some other cool people they have on their team. I heard some of their guys can “absorb” health from people. Kind of like a Vampire! If they have someone like that, it’s probably safe to say they’ll be using them a lot. But I’m happy we have you, because you can heal some of our strongest guys if you need to… while their Vampire people can only take the health for themselves.


Well Peter, I think it’s about time you stop fighting it! You, Anna, and I have a lot of to do if we’re going to prove ourselves to the others. We may look sillier than them, but we pack a powerful punch!

Matt Dubya Meets Foop from Beyond Average

Dear Journal,

            Today was absolutely beyond average!  I went into a dilapidated mansion, that was strangely coated from top to bottom in cobwebs, I tried looking for some delicious spiders to eat, but couldn’t find a single one…  Or at least I couldn’t immediately, but that one… Meh, I’ll get to that in a minute.
            While walking around spider hunting, I just kept hearing this noise that was like, “Foop! Foop!”  I thought it might’ve been one of those barking spiders, which started to make my mouth water, but then upon discovering where the sound was coming from, turned out to be just a barking dog…  A sweet, delicious looking dog… Unfortunately though, he was too cute to eat, but I was totally eating him with my eyes! He also seemed a little intellectually disabled, and who the heck am I to hurt something that doesn’t understand how to spell the letter “A.”
            In the end, I took the dog with me out of the house…  While leaving I saw the biggest, most delicious spider my eyes could’ve ever laid their gaze on!  I swear, it was like a 71 pointer! Sadly, with my hands full of dog, I’ll have to come back another time for that delicious spider, I just hope no one beats me to it first!

Kyle from SMPR – First Day of Class

I didn’t choose the box life. The box life chose me. I mean, yeah of course I have a tragic backstory to explain why I live in a box. A story so sad it’d make anyone’s box swell up with tears and fall apart. But this isn’t the time to focus on that. It’s time to focus on the first day of class! Through my hard work and ambitions today I take my gigantic first step toward a career. And that career is…!

Shoot, what am I going to school for? I can’t believe I forgot! I know I relocated my box to MMUCMS, which stands for…!

UHG, I can’t remember that either! Think, Kyle, think! MMUCMS…Something something University of Comedic Medical Studies! A ha! That’s right, I wanna be a comedy doctor! It’s my lifelong dream!… Other than being a famous rockstar, actor, philanthropist, and co-owner of a restaurant that serves breakfast all day. This is definitely my calling in life. I can feel it in my bones, which I look forward to learning the names of.

It’s a long, long road ahead but I’m sure this is the career goal that will make everything turn around for me. Maybe I can finally stop living in a box outdoors, and buy a nice house in the suburbs where my box and I can live together in peace, harmony, and centralized air conditioning. That’d be so sweet.

Oh, I think I hear people walking over. I guess that’s my cue. Time for class!