Beyond Average

Welcome to “Average Town”, the most normal place ever. Nothing too exciting ever really happens. Everyone lives their same normal life, wake up, work, go home, and go to sleep. That is, until one day something changed.


Flying straight into Average Town is John, the most Beyond Average person you’ll ever meet. Forced into exile from his city, all John wants to do is try to start life anew. But that won’t be so easy for him, as it seems crazy follows him very closely.


Anything can happen when John is around, and his roommate, Peter, immediately learns to hate that fact. John will get sucked into a living cereal box, go on blind dates, fight giant dragons, find time scepters, fight emperors, and force his average friends into insane situations.


Crazy has become the new norm, and now anything is possible in this wacky world.


A civilization long gone, a comet heading for Earth, a multiverse of heroes and villains. This is the story of Shranks.

Birth of the Multiverse


65 million years ago a comet hit the Earth. This comet was fueled with all the positive energy of the universe.

The force of the comet’s strike caused the Earth to shift at a different frequency then it normally would.

This shift in frequency caused the universe to create more universes in order to keep Earth from being destroyed. Now there are parallel Earths shifting at different frequencies in what is called the multiverse.

The Lak’ech Ala K’in Tribe


A long lost tribe found the comet and had been using it in their ceremonies.

To avoid fueling the comet with negative energy they exiled tribe members that displayed any emotions that had a negative vibration to it.

After a battle with the exiled members the whole tribe vanished without a trace.

The Destruction of the Multiverse


A second comet has been activated, this time filled with the negative energy of the multiverse and a promise of destruction instead of creation. Using the negative energy, Shranks birthed a meteor to prepare his arrival in each multiverse.

If the comet is not stopped it will destroy the multiverse.